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It was a typical week night when we decided to have a “dance off” in the basement. “Dance Central ” was our go to game of choice to show each other who had the moves. The babysitter was here and she was willing to dance with us on the X-Box 360 kinect.

We kicked off our shoes and made our selection , “Fire on the dance floor” by Sean Kingston. My sister, the babysitter and I began to dance. We stood in our “boxes” that the screen told us to stand in. There are four boxes on the top of the tv screen. No one was able to stand in the first box due to the coffee table sitting in the real time space. So we took boxes 2, 3, and 4. Each of our outlines were illuminated on the screen in our allotted boxes. We each had a different colored outline- no faces visible only our body outlines in our assigned colors. The music started and we began to dance only to be joined by a new outlined figure who was standing in box one’s space. Our outlines were moving and dancing on the screen but this new player was just standing there. Since we could not see anything in the same space as the coffee table, we kept dancing and didn’t think much about it , concentrating on our dance steps.

The end of the song came and we were excited to see who won the game. When you win - the game shows a video of the performance that won. What a surprise we had when the game choose box number 1 as the winner and zoomed in on our ghost gamer.

We screamed, ran up the stairs as fast as we could and shut off the light! Why was this ghost in my basement? Why are they always in my basement…..