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Resident Ghosts


Ghost Girl

You will see her out of the corner of your eye- standing in the doorway as a shadow. She watches. Every night at 3am she knocks on the door or wall. You’ll swear you hear her but your husband will sleep thru her disturbance. Your daughter sees her when she sleep walks into your room and will ask at breakfast why there were lights floating above your body as you slept last night. She is Ghost Girl and she lives in the guest room with her ghost dog.


Village Witch

She will warn you when the tall man in black visits her bedside during the night that something is about to happen. She is a historian and expert in local folklore. When you can’t sleep at night from the nightmares she will weave you a protection charm on an antler she found while foraging in the woods. She is the Village Witch and she likes whiskey.


Star Seed

She will tell you stories of being taken as a child. How the lights were bright and the visitors scary. She has the markings to prove it. Her siblings saw her abduction and still talk about it to this day. They come back for her from time to time. She is Star Seed, she has seen the universe and will tell you “they are coming”.

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Ghost Dog

As a boy he would run high fevers and leave his body to astral travel. Animals talk to him and he has many familiars. Lucky is his nickname. He prefers to sleep under the stars and is known to live part time underwater. He is Ghost Dog and loves beer.